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Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Tours – Customer Feedback


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Below is some recent customer feedback on a Vietnam motorbike tour starting from Hanoi. You could find many more customer feedback at Offroad Vietnam Adventure Travel website.

Mr. Terry Mills (7 days Honda dirt bike XR250, ~1,500 km)

Mr. Terence (Terry) Mills from England, Northeast Vietnam motorbike tours. Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Tours - Customer Feedback.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over:

Thon, our tour guide, spent the first day evaluating our riding ability and off road skills then set the route. Sensible and safe.

I would say the level of off road skill for the route chosen would be about a 7 out of 10. I am a 6 so lots of fun.

Bikes and equipment:

We rode quite old Honda Baja 250’s. Totally reliable and perfect for the job. Amazing off road capabilities. Highway cruising speed was 80kph, more than enough for traffic in Vietnam.


The first two nights were spent in Home-stays. Absolutely fabulous, lovely village homes and integrated with the families. A brief but special insight into rural life.

The 3 hotels were fine. Clean, comfortable and well located.
The last home-stay was a disappointment being more of a hostel than a homestay. I would recommend you find an alternative.


Superb everywhere we went. I live in Asia so no problem for me but other Westerners may want a change from time to time.

Guide and organization:

Faultless, from the moment I arrived visa-less and unannounced until we handed our bikes back in. What a great trip.

The price:

Fair, no complaints.

How did you know about us?

Trip researched on the web by my riding buddy so no idea.

Additional comments?

The two of us chose to pay a bit more and have a personal guide rather than have to compromise with other riders of unknown tastes, skills, and temperaments. I ride motorbikes for a living and this was an outstanding trip, highly recommended to others.

Terence Mills (England)

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Mr. Craig McMillan on a Northeast Vietnam dirt bike XL150-250 tour, ~1,300 km in 7 days

Mr. Craig McMillan (Australia). Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Tours - Customer Feedback.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

The tempo of the tour was perfect and catered for the riding skills of all 4 riders in our party, each of which had different levels of experience. We had plenty of rest stops to allow us to take in the scenery and arrived at our accommodation early enough to enable us to look around the local area.

Bikes and equipment

We had a range of GL 160s and XL 125s and all bikes were all in good condition considering the work that they have done. We had a couple of very minor issues which were easily fixed by our guide, Chung.


We particularly enjoyed the 4 nights of homestay accommodation with local families. Their hospitality was wonderful (and their beer cold and rice wine tasty). Toilets and showers were available at all overnight stops. The hotels were all clean and the staff friendly.


The food was a highlight. We were fed well with fresh and tasty meals. The home cooked meals were a highlight.

Guide and organization

Chung was a seasoned professional. We would recommend him without hesitation. Everything was organised for us so all we had to do was to enjoy the riding, the scenery, the food and the beer.

The price

If you really wanted to, you could possibly do this cheaper. This would involve a lot of time and effort sourcing motorcycles, determining a route and locating accommodation, with the associated risk that you may not see the best bits! For the small extra cost, all of this was taken care of so we could relax and enjoy our holiday. By Australian standards, this was an inexpensive vacation.

How did you know about us?

Brian Owen (who travelled on the North West tour in during 2012) recommended Off Road Vietnam.

Additional comments

We were surprised to hear that only a small percentage of riders were female. Chelsea and Amanda in our travelling party had no difficulty in handling the bikes or the conditions and will be back for another tour with the rest of our tour group.

Craig McMillan
Tasmania, Australia

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Mr. Scott Fletcher (7 days Honda XR250, ~1,500 km)

Mr. Scott Fletcher (Australia) on a Northeast Vietnam motorcycle tour. Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Tours - Customer Feedback.

I would like to personally thank you Anh, for helping us out when my father lost his passport. Your help was greatly appreciated and I will be telling everyone I meet about you. If there is anything I can do to help you, say like with the website, which is what I do for work. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over:

Perfect! The standard trip on the website had a few days that were too short a ride. Thon changed the 2nd Day to miss a stop and continue straight to Ba Be, which made that day and the next day the best of the tour.

Bikes and equipment:

Great. Obviously, the bikes are perfect or brand new. But they did the job and were ready to take on anywhere the tour took us.


The guest houses in the villages were awesome. I preferred them over the hotel stays at Cao Bang and Lang Son. Even though the guest houses weren’t as good as the hotels, it gave the tour a more local feel.


The food was awesome. The tour started with normal Asian western style food. But by the 3rd day, it gets boring. Then we asked Thon to give us a more traditional breakfast and dinner, and it was a refreshing change.

Guide and organisation:

Thon was an awesome guide and his knowledge of Vietnam was much better than other guides we met. The organisation was perfect, even when we changed the tour to be customised to us, it ran without any problem.

The price:

Very good. Even though you could do it cheaper if I organised it myself. I was happy to pay that little bit more, for you to organise the whole thing and all i need to do was turn up.

How did you know about us?

Cycle Torque Magazine ( They did a featured article on Offroad Vietnam, and one of the tours. I was hooked and had to do it.

Full name: Scott Fletcher

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