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We start around 9.30am and leave Hanoi from the East end. Starting late to avoid crazy traffic in the inner city via Chuong Duong bridge. In fact, this is the best exit road for one day tour on a motorbike from Hanoi.

Destinations For One Day Tour Around Hanoi

Nom Village

in Dai Dong hamlet, Van Lam district, Hung Yen province lies just over 30 kilometers east of Hanoi. In fact, the village was formed at the beginning of the Common Era, according to a stele preserved in Nom Pagoda.

The arched village gate is made of bricks, on which are inscribed Confucian characters and also the image of two dragons encircling the moon. The villagers say that previously two dark wooden doors closed the gate, but they no longer exist. The gate is where villagers greet and send off guests.

The center of Nom Village is the communal house. Before the road leading into the communal house is a pond several decameters wide and approximately 200 meters long. In the village over a dozen ancient houses and seven altars of the various families remain. Most prominent is the home of Phung Van Long, about 200 years old, according to documents from Hung Yen province’s department of culture, sports and tourism. The house includes fully intact wooden pillars and columns, on which exquisite carvings remain.

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Tho Ha Vermicelli And Ceramic Village

Tho Ha village, Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province. 35km Northeast from Hanoi. An island of about 20ha in the Cau river. This is originally 900 years old ceramic village, one of the three main ceramic villages in the country together with Phu Lang and Bat Trang. The production started in the 12th century but unfortunately ended in 1988 due to competition and plastic ware. Nowadays, the village makes rice cakes and vermicelli, two of the most popular Vietnamese food. Some villagers are keen to open a ceramic factory but it seems they either have not got enough funds or the potential market share.

In the afternoon, it’s time to visit the pagoda and see how people practice Buddhism in Vietnam.

But Thap Pagoda – Option 1 for a day tour

Also known as Dien Ung or Phap Van or Co Chau pagoda where the first Indian monks landed in Vietnam. In But Thap village, Dinh To Commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province, nearly 40km from Hanoi. It was built in the 13th century and is now one of the most famous pagodas around Hanoi with a very special Eastern architecture.

Vietnam Motorbike Hanoi Tours - Day Tour. Vietnam Offroad Tours motorbike riding around Hanoi in one day tour. Country road.

Dau Pagoda – Option 2 for a day tour

Also known as Ninh Phuc or Nhan Phap Pagoda where you could see the one-thousand-hands-and-eyes Buddha. In Thanh Khuong commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province, nearly 30km from Hanoi. It was built in 187 and rebuilt many times. In reality, this is the oldest Buddhist pagoda in Vietnam.

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