Below are the most popular guided motorbike tours itineraries of Northern Vietnam. In fact, we can customize any tour to work with your riding experience, riding skills, and individual needs.

Please also note that these are only sample itineraries. You can exchange emails or sit down with us and feel free to add comments or suggestions to make your trip special. In reality, based on seasons and weather, we sometimes have to re-design a motorbike tour on the road. Your guide will be the boss of the tour and he’s up to whatever changes you want to make. In general, we try to offer as much flexibility as possible.

Due to the unexpected change and more challenging roads, we recommend riders of intermediate or advanced level. However, less experienced riders can take a riding lesson in Hanoi before riding on these trips. The riding can be more demanding and the cost is more expensive, but what you get is a real adventure of a lifetime!

Discussing a custom ride on motorcycle takes time and the more details you provide us then the better itinerary and suggestion we could tailor make. Below are what we suggest to provide when you send an inquiry to us. Therefore, you can help save time and allow us to quote correctly.

– Number of people;
– Expected date and also duration;
– Type of bike you prefer;
– Riding experience, ride solo or double;
– Food and also accommodation preference;
– Your expectations;
– Any special requests you may have;
– plus anything you can tell us.

Most Popular Vietnam Motorbike Tours Itineraries

Ha Giang & Northeast Vietnam
Private One Day Tour Of Hanoi
Mai Chau Area
Middle Northern Vietnam
North-East Vietnam
North-West Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road
Big Loop Of Northern Vietnam
Customize Your Vietnam Motorbike Adventures?

Most guided Vietnam motorbike tours are private. However, some are open for additional riders to tag along which you can follow this link to find out more.

Contact us at [email protected] in case you need more details of different guided motorbike tours of Vietnam.

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